Goebel Sign_ColorWe pride ourselves on the foundation and beliefs we were built upon. Goebel has remained true to its values through its 80-year history, and continues to exceed client expectations.

The Fred C. Goebel Tradition of Excellence Award (TOEX Award) is given to recognize a Goebel Fixture Company employee for their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in areas of safety, quality, productivity, equipment and workplace design.

The history behind this award:

Fred Goebel always gave his customers a little more than what they expected – it was just his nature. It now has become our philosophy. Fred was a skilled cabinetmaker and quite a perfectionist. Innovative ideas, hard work, dedication, honesty, and above all quality, are the hallmarks of this award. Thank You for your outstanding contributions to our success. Fred would be proud, as we are, to have you as a part of the Goebel Team!

Tradition of Excellence Award

Derek Reif
In recognition of his ongoing innovations to safety, efficiency and quality of installations through development of jigs and specialty tools. He also embraces and promotes the use of electronic drawings as well as Office 365 for project reporting.

Mike Landro
For his dedication in implementing the newest technology at Goebel. ¬†Mike played an integral role during the installation, testing and go live of the fully integrated CNC/Intellistore material handling system, which allows us to be more competitive, retain existing clients and reach new clients and markets. ¬†With his knowledge and full understanding of the machine operator’s needs, he has been essential in developing the interface between our CAD/CAM software and the equipment.

Brad Dobbersten
For his exceptional commitment and dedication in exercising due diligence processes and cost reduction initiatives to continuously deliver the client the best quality product at a fair price.

Steve Straumann
In recognition of his commitment to Goebel Quality, who, through his superior craftsmanship and endless dedication is a positive example to all.

Cheryl Gehring
In recognition of her superior dedication to the Material Control area and her positive attitude in promoting teamwork through embracing new processes and training others.

Brian Murphy, Dan Pollio, Matthais Roehl, Sheri Seymour, Troy Rohach
For the outstanding teams effort exhibited in the development of a cost savings for Louis Vuitton High Gloss Finish, while still maintaining quality to provide the client a superior product.

Brian Koehler
In recognition of his commitment to the development and continuous improvement of the Company’s Production Scheduling software and his dedication to the employees.

Darys Bauman
In recognition of his attitude and willingness to embrace the acquisition of environments and make the progression of TrakWare successful.

Lori Thorson
For her exceptional commitment and dedication to process improvement, cost reduction, and green initiatives.

Bob Lawrence
In recognition of his positive attitude,commitment to craftsmanship, and unparalleled knowledge in the area of metalwork.

John Betker
For his consistently achieving superior levels of productivity and establishing unparalleled work standards for the shop floor.

Derrick Harff
For his pride in workmanship, integrity and commitment to producing products of high value that continually exceed internal and external customer expectations.

Ralph Anderson
For his exceptional work ethic, commitment and years of dedicated service in leading the Outfitting and Loading areas in meeting our customers’ challenging expectations.

Jim DeMeyer
For his tireless dedication and commitment to customer service, teamwork and our Corporate Vision.

Elroy Schuette
For his expertise and dedication in leading installation crews to quality project completions, always striving to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Gerald Binsfield
For exceptional dedication to this company with both time and talents. His ability to work through adversity to meet customer demands and maintain high quality standards.

Brad Dobberstein
For his dedication and commitment to developing new and innovative spreadsheet solutions, always visualizing the outcome from the beginning.

Brian Koehler
For leading the contract manufacturing division to profits with a true concern for workers. For his dedication to the company and commitment to deliver quality products to customers.

Virgil Goebel
For his concern for employees, for promoting harmony while seeking productivity, for making us owners via the ESOP.

John Lueth
For seeking to build things in a cost-effective manner. An all around craftsman and expert cabinetmaker, willing and able to take on difficult projects.

Marv Moehring
For being quality-minded, dedicated and trustworthy, seeking zero defects in workmanship and function, making sure every drawer and door fits and works right.

All Goebel Employees
Presented in recognition of your outstanding effort and perseverance toward success in uncertain times.

Dennis Meyer & CP Set-Up Operators Dick Goebel & Maint. Dept
“Team Effort” for devising and implementing a new feed chain system on the knife block machining line.

Ernie Kuester, Jr.
For his expertise and dedication in leading installation crews to quality store completions, exceeding expectations of both the customer and the company.

John Leuth & Louie Zumach
For the development of the new method of column enclosure construction utilizing a two-piece mold.

Louis Zumach
For his pursuit of quality and efficiency through innovation and organization. A true craftsman whose work area is an example for others to follow.

Dwayne Briese & Gale Nelson
For ideas contributed toward cornice saw development.

Eugene Skoog & Clarence Vejrosta
For ideas contributed to fold-down horse cart development.

Lowell Danielson
For his many contributions to the design and construction of jigs and fixtures that enhance productivity while making the difficult seem easy.